Years of experience, innovative thinking, and hard work have positioned AAC Mining Executors Group as a reliable solutions provider in the mining industry. Our dynamic team applies ever-evolving best practices to optimize productivity and safety. We celebrate the heart of our company’s success, our employees, and our superior service level. Working with AAC Mining Executors brings predictability and assurance to any project.

Spirit of continuous advantage

The determination to optimize, problem-solve, and enhance is rooted deeply in our company. We combine the expertise, technologies, and prompt innovative approaches of our global teams that boost speed and safety.

People are our greatest resource

Our people, globally well-rounded and diverse, are the foundation of our company. Our top talents have a ‘we-like-a-challenge’ attitude towards every project.

Safety is always a priority

The foremost priority of our organization is the safety of our people. We offer a robust safety management system, the latest technology, and leadership development training to ensure that our employees work productively and safely.

In-house engineering department

AAC Mining Executor Group’s hands-on engineers deliver customized, swift, and ongoing solutions to our project teams and clients. With a full product life-cycle involvement and a multi-disciplined approach, the department produces purpose-built patents and industry-leading software enhancing safety and efficiencies.

Project Controls

Effective project management offers our clients assurance surrounding their investments. The integrated systems of AAC Mining Executor Group provide intelligence on daily performance, capturing opportunities, risks, and changes, which enable timely cost control and efficient decision-making.

Ongoing professional development and training

The key to our spirit of continuous improvement and strong safety culture is ongoing professional training, upskilling, and development. We train local workers consistently from scratch and transfer them to the international workforce of our clients.

Solid finances

Thanks to AAC Mining Executor Group’s economies of scale, optimized working capital, efficient supplier arrangements, and consistent financial results, project delivery is secure and predictable.


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