AAC Mining Executors India Pvt. Ltd

AAC Mining Executors India Pvt Ltd was established to provide mining and rock excavation solutions to the Asian market. It is proud to be an Indian company with its registered office in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Since 2011, our operations in India have been at Hindustan Zinc Ltd (Rampura Agucha underground Mine in Bhilwara Distt), where we have moved the mine from development to production, within this process a variety of ground stabilization methods have been introduced and trialed with great success.

Rampura Agucha Underground Mine (RAUG) is recognized as world class in its underground operations, being the most advanced mechanized operation at present in India. This mine is located 200 kms south of Jaipur, in the State of Rajasthan and the mineral been mined is high grade Zinc & Lead. AAC is engaged in both rapid mine development and production using both Atlas and Sandvik drill rigs. AAC is proud to average 1,900 mtrs of development and 375000 tonnes of ore every month with the help of our competent expats and nationals.

AAC at RAUG has utilized experience from its multi-national work force to assess and overcome many issues that have arisen during underground operations, working within a very complex ore body and challenging ground conditions.


By partnering with AAC Mining Executors India Pvt Ltd the client will benefit from:

  1. Its international work force from Australia, Canada, Peru, Zambia, Mongolia, New Zealand, Nepal, and Philippines. Which in turn enables us to train our entire local employees in a very structured manner, with world class proven training matrix.
  1. A management team that is very professional and understand the India underground mining culture which is moving from open pit mining to underground mining.