Corporate Office

The Mining Industry usually experiences difficult times such as low commodity prices and high fixed cost such as labour cost. As such mining firms find only one way to survive, and this is through increased productivity and costs reduction.

AAC Mining Executors Group can/will offer you solutions to enable you to be more competitive in productivity and costs. Our AAC team has a broad international mining experience in Latin America, Africa and Asia and has further shown to be very competitive in all its mining operations as well as in maintenance services.

AAC Mining Executors Group can/will offer you a service that will reduce your maintenance costs and improve your availability of machines (Jumbos, Loaders and Dumptrucks), therefore improving your productivity and reducing your operation costs. AAC has a team and infrastructure that includes qualified and highly skilled mining professionals, fully implemented workshop, and equipment readily available (Jumbos, Loaders and Dumptrucks) to support your mining operations.