Board Of Directors Charters

Strong effective corporate governance practices have been a primary focus of the Board since the Corporation’s inception.  The directors of the Corporation are committed to maintaining the highest standard of corporate governance for the proper operation of the business of the Corporation and the effective protection of the interests of all of its employees and stakeholders.

The Board is responsible for reviewing proposed changes to legislation, regulations and guidelines, as well as public commentary pertaining to corporate governance practices.  The Board is of the view that the Corporation’s standards of corporate governance continue to meet or exceed the governance requirements in all the countries that AAC Mining Executors Group operates from.

The Board of Directors primary duty and responsibility is to supervise or oversee the management of the business and affairs of the Corporation with a view to the long-term best interests of the Corporation, including all of its stakeholders, such as employees. The Board discharges this primary duty directly.



AAC’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics embodies the commitment of AAC Mining Executors Group and its subsidiaries to conduct our business in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, and the highest ethical standards. Our Code applies to all employees in every business we operate worldwide. Our ethics are not simply rules and regulations; rather, they describe for us the right way of doing business and of relating to others.

Often, they reflect standard legal concepts. Always, they represent our values and how we expect ourselves and our fellow employees to treat each other, as well as our consultants, contractors, suppliers, shareholders and the people who live and work in the communities, and countries where AAC operates. It is the responsibility of all AAC employees to read, understand and abide by AAC’s Code of Business Conduct & Ethics and it is the responsibility of all employees to ensure that consultants and contractors abide by the Code’s contents.


Any AAC employee, or member of the public, who becomes aware of any existing violation of AAC’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics has several options regarding the reporting of the violation.

Notify either of the following by e-mail:

Name: Mr. Alexander Chiteme.

All complaints will be treated on a confidential basis and, generally, a report of a complaint will only be disclosed to those persons who have a need to know in order to properly carry out an investigation of such a complaint. Retaliation against any employee who honestly reports a concern about an illegal or unethical conduct will not be tolerated. The reporting of this behavior is part of our core culture of accountability and responsibility and AAC does not tolerate retaliation – this our promise in return for our employees making such reports. Anyone engaging in retaliatory conduct will be subject to disciplinary action by AAC, which may include termination.